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The Vision for WXCN is to train returning citizens with the communication, sales and business skills to empower them to grow in their purpose. This station will be used as a platform to empower the second chance community and the community at large to get involved in issues such as mass incarceration, community violence and issues of oppression.


The mission of WXCN is to inform, empower and equip our staff and community through trainings, community conversations, educational radio shows and music shows.

How will WXCN achieve this?

We have professional mentors that assist the returning citizens with the training tools to operate an internet radio station. We will also have life skills training and therapeutic support. We will make sure that everyone who is trained through WXCN has achieved skills that they can use in the world of work.

WXCN PowerFounder

Rev. Cornell Jones is a pastor, activist, writer, mentor, biker, father and husband. He is currently the Group Violence Intervention Coordinator for the City of Pittsburgh. He orchestrates bringing together both outreach and law enforcement together to counteract violence in the City of Pittsburgh. Under his leadership the City of Pittsburgh has seen a transformation in violence prevention. For 10 years he was also the Protestant Chaplain at SCI Pittsburgh Prison (formerly known as Western Penitentiary) where he was known as “Pastor Jones”. He is known all over the country for working with ex-offenders and violence prevention.

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