Community Resources

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Allegheny Link 1-866-730-2368

Drug and Alcohol Support

Three Rivers Youth 412-441-5020 877-637-2924

Central Outreach Wellness Center Stacy Lane 412-515-0000

Sages Army Irwin Pa 24 hour Hotline 724-863-LIFE

Adolescent Substance Abuse Program 412-246-5251

Gateway Rehab Center 412-697-0928

United Hearts Pittsburgh 412-634-4111

Tabisco Inc 412-322-8415

Pyramid Detox and Inpatient Treatment Center 412-241-5341

Alcholics Anonymous 412-471-7472

Narcotics Anonymous 412-391-5247

Celebrate Recovery Pittsburgh

Mental Health

National Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services 1-800-662-HELP

Chartiers Center 412-221-3302

Wesley Family Services 724-335-6242

Milestone 412-243-3400

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-888-273-8255

Turtle Creek TCV Community Services 412-351-0222

UPMC Western Psychiatric 1-800-533-8762


Action Housing 412-281-2102

The Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh 412-227-4802

Homeless Services 1-866-730-2368

Domestic Violence 1-800-799-SAFE

Women’s Center and Shelter 412-687-8005

The Center for Victims 412-678-4616

Alle Kiski Hope Center 888-299-4673

Veterans Help

Veterans Help 1-877-424-3838

Veterans Leadership Program 412-481-8200

We Soldier On 1-866-406-8449

Youth Assistance

412 Youth Zone 412-902-4068

Youth Advocate Programs 800-324-5794

Crisis Intervention

Resolve Crisis Center 1-888-796-8226

Resolve Walk In Center
333 North Braddock Ave. Pittsburgh Pa. 15208


Partner 4 Work 412-552-7090

Career and Workforce Development 412-436-0985

Pittsburgh Community Services Inc 412-904-4700

Community Resource Organization

Neighborhood Resilience Project
2038 Bedford Ave,
Pittsburgh, PA, 15219

Returning Citizens


The Hope Foundation 412-321-3343

PIRC Support Group
Tuesdays, 7pm
114 W. North Ave.
Pittsburgh PA, 15212

Allegheny Alliance Church
Mondays at 6pm
250 East Ohio Street
(Union Place Bldg next to the Church)

Elsinore Bennu Think Tank

COVID-19 Resources

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